Use it as an air cooler or just a regular fan - you choose the setting.

Can be used as a humidifier - Cool mist - Nature’s immunity booster!

Traps allergens
and dust using a
special filter.

Simple to use -
Just set it and
forget it!

Unique Design
and Proven

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See Breeze Maxx In Action

See Breeze Maxx In Action

Innovative Design

Breeze Maxx is the ultimate portable air cooling device.

Engineered to make cooling faster, and life more comfortable.

Breeze Maxx

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The powerful portable 4-in-1 Air Cooler unit that has been breaking the internet.


  • - PolarTEC coated fan system
  • - HighEfficiency Power Cable
  • - 2-Piece Locking Water Reservoir
  • - 90 Day Warranty


Estimated Shipping Date: May 15, 2021